‘You’ve got be in it to win it’

Coming soon to an event near you…. ‘Pearl & Deanie’ are the retired old school bouffant cinema usherettes in search of the new ‘next big thing’, the next Hollywood superstar.

Beautiful bedecked, surreal and cartoonlike, these lovely older ladies wield wit, warmth and torch lights as they search out the hidden talent in us all. They inspire impromptu performances by members of the public who are rewarded by their very own SWANK lollipops.

Can you pout like Marilyn Monroe? Lip curl like Elvis? Sing a song, do a dance, tell your favourite joke or impersonate a famous film star?

As well as a walkabout Pearl and Deanie are a fabulous ice breaker, perfect for meet and greet, introductions or simply showing the way.

‘Reach for the stars …. and there’s no real talent required’



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Pearl and Deanie

by Swank

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Perfect for Parades

'I would like to extend my grateful thanks to Pearl and Deanie…the conditions you had to endure were atrocious but you gave it your best and the show went on!'

— Judith Oakley, London Borough of Hillingdon