‘OMG! is that your styling? Wicked! and what do you go into next?’

Born out of the NAM (PeckNAM), ‘Bling ‘n’ Ting’ are two oversized comedy street styling teenagers who are out for a good time and a chance to spread the word about what can be done with ‘stuff’.

Bling and her pal Ting are into anything that sparkles and are full of chat. Complete with complicated handshakes, high fives and coolio greetings, naff street dance routines, break dancing, parkour and gangster rap, these girls are classic British caricatures of ‘yoooff culture innit’.

Bling ‘n’ Ting was a BESPOKE SWANK creation, made at the World Expo in Shanghai, where the SWANK girls were overwhelmed and delighted to find themselves in a wonderland of plasticness and glittery things. 



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Bling 'n' Ting

by Swank

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Just wanted to say thank you to Bling n Ting for our event on Friday, they were awesome.

— Natalie Socratous, Southern Housing

'Without doubt, they are completely mad! They are certainly unique and bring something completely different to the world of client/party content. However, perhaps the most endearing quality is that NOBODY can take offence at them. They are interactive without being intrusive. They are hilariously funny without being slapstick.
In short, they are a breath of fresh air and it is amazing the different types of delegates who are drawn to their ‘act’. They seem to know exactly when and who to approach.
We would have no hesitation in recommending them for use at any corporate event. Our only disappointment is that we cannot book them every week!'

— John Roebuck
, Buckmark Productions