‘Let’s get that root ball rot treated with anti fungal glitter spray’

‘Margery Mayflower’ and ‘Rosemary Bush’ are keen to get their green fingers on everything. It’s their responsibility to make sure the public grow into healthy specimens, watering the weedy, pruning the needy, encouraging all to grow tall, these buxom girls keep the world in herbaceous order.

Posh and bumbling, this pair of hilarious haughty horticulturalists and gardening obsessives are armed with watering cans and their own inimitable knowledge of long latin names, gardening terms and helpful tips to share with anyone who cares to listen.

Swank have specifically created this act for garden and environmental events, garden fetes they are still waiting for their invitation to Gardeners Question Time.




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Green Fingered Gals

by Swank

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Great for Garden Themed Events
  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals

‘Swank won the horticultural committee over – eventually…! Apparently committee members were seen to be ‘dashing’ to protect the produce from the ‘over the top’ lady gardeners talking about the size of marrows…’

— Lorraine K Brown, Gedling Borough Council

‘…Just wanted to say thanks so much for providing us with Swank at Newstead Abbey. They were terrific, great fun to work with and the crowds enjoyed them’

— Nick Brunger, BBC East Midlands