‘You’ve got your handsome prince – you couldn’t spare him could you?

From the dark days of yore come ‘Lady Lust-a-Lot’ and ‘Lady Longing-for-Love’. Borne on the backs of ‘Eric and Ernie’ their delightfully drippy dragons, these ‘bootiful’ Westcountry damsels with their black teeth, spots and long gnarly hair are on a constant futile crusade to find their knights in shining armour and other little princes and princesses along the way.

Damsels in Distress would be a wonderful spectacle for fairy-tale, historical, mythical, fantasy, and Halloween events. 

Very visual, no language needed! Swank at their best!


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Damsels in Distress

by Swank

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Christmas

Act Info

  • Historically Themed Act
  • Perfect for Parades
  • Non Verbal Performance

'Swank’s Damsels is Distress were fabulous, I am a real fan of their mad meet and greet.'

— Samantha Tavernor, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

'Just wanted to say thank you for the Damsels in Distress - they were brilliant, really colourful and hilarious! I didn't see them at the end of the day to say thank you. The event went really well, and they were key to that, so thank you!'

— Helen Cundy, Southwark Council