Colin and Tom Jones are twin brothers. From a very young age they would play for hours on end at being Wardens. Impounding each other’s toy cars and clamping the rocking horse or prosecuting each other for any minor misdemeanour they could think of. It was no surprise that they became fully fledged Wardens when they grew up.

No one is safe! They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. These may include: breathing too loudly, walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song, walking whilst using a mobile phone, or stopping in a no stopping area. Anything with wheels can fall foul of bad parking, speeding, balding tyres or simply be pulled over for a random safety check. Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket!


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The Wardens

by The 2 Men

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

'Completely mad! Completely brilliant!'

— Brighton Festival

'The funniest thing I have ever seen, the customers absolutely loved them!'

— Meads Shopping Centre