Terry and Derek are good old salt of the earth, lovable East End cockney geezers. Truth is they don’t get out of London much.

Having won a competition in “The Sun” newspaper to attend your event, in your town, they are completely beside themselves with happiness.

Enjoy the delights of watching Tel and Del as they marvel at all the new and exciting things they find on their first trip away. Forever on the lookout for a good photo to take home and show the family! Always after a bit of sunshine to top up the ever reddening tan and constantly on the lookout for some decent chips with a nice bit of gravy and mushy peas.

The perfect comedy characters for your town centre, community or seaside/nautical themed events where a bit of silliness is required!


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The Tourists

by The 2 Men

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

'Ridiculous and sublime.'

— Glastonbury Festival