Trevor and Malcolm share a common interest in inventing things and have a whole range of ideas patent pending that they are excited to unveil to the world.

After 20 years of failed inventions (solar panelled torch, glow in the dark sunglasses, the pedal powered wheelchair and the smoke alarm with snooze option...) the boys think they have struck inventing gold. Having applied to Dragons Den to showcase their ideas and been accepted, Trevor and Malcolm have now hit the streets to practise their pitch and show off their new ideas.

Watch and be awe struck as these two daft inventors desperately try and convince any of the stand-in Dragons to buy into their idea. Will they get the deal? Will there be a counter offer or will they leave empty handed?


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Patent Pending

by The 2 Men

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Suitable for Science Festivals