Is your event up to scratch? Have you been fully health and safety verified?? These pompous police will patrol your event and make sure everything is ship shape. If not you better watch out!

Whatever you are doing ‘Stop It Now!’. PC Gone Mad are here to put and end to fun, laughter and smiling.

These trouser-less, pompous public servants will patrol, police and prosecute at every possibility. So Watch Out!

This funny, musical walkabout pokes fun at authority in a gentle and amusing fashion. It is excellent for all outdoor events and festivals.

It was also part of Markmark’s Mask Up Campaign and has been used through the pandemic to promote face coverings and social distancing with humour.

It is available as a two or three handed performance.


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PC Gone Mad

by Markmark Productions

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

“The atmosphere around the Castle grounds was great this year and we saw a vast increase in visitor numbers over the weekend. “
“Your show was hilarious. I’d like to thank you for your commitment, support and expertise; it makes the event a pleasure to work on.”

— Richard Buxton Organiser Nottingham River Festival