A modern take on the old British tradition of portraits into which your own face can be inserted.

Each FaceSpace is hand painted from original designs and full of great characters and beautiful comic detail that reflect our modern times. They look fantastic, are spectacularly popular and can remain up all day. Everyone knows how they work and people get involved straight away. They make their own fun and as everyone now has a camera, they get great images to take home with them from your event. All of this with very little fuss.

FaceSpaces are hired as a set of 3 or more and are available at a discounted price if booked alongside another Fair Play act. There are many different types to suit all themes and occasions including seaside, nautical, Christmas and Halloween


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by Fair Play

Performance Styles

  • Installations
  • Christmas

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme

‘We booked Fair Play's Face Spaces for our annual Darlington By The Sea event and not only did they look great but they proved to be very popular with everyone who came along to the event’

— Jeff Dawson, Darlington