Ron and Don, like all good East End boys, can supply anything... at the right price.

You want cars, we can get you any motor you want within 24 hours (ignore the broken glass in the footwell). Just visit the ‘in jacket’ car lot and make your choice. You want protection, we can offer the boys to get the job sorted. You need cash, we've always got work for lads who are a bit handy, and classy girls down at our club, the Twisted Knife in Shoreditch.

Always looking to turn a few bob, Ron and Don bring a bit of class and respectability to any event. If we like it we’ll make an offer (you can’t refuse) to take it over for you.

If Don can't make it for whatever dodgy reason then Donna will join Ron. 


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Dodgy Boys

by Fair Play

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‘Their shady deals and chunky gold jewellery blended in with our crowd so superbly that most thought they were locals. They amused many with hilarious antics and I personally was almost convinced to buy a matchbox car. A must for any event.’

— Kelli Dopson, London Borough of Barking & Dagenham