Get ready to stand by for a “leg bye”, shout more for “four” as two of England’s finest umpires lay down the cricketing law on the wicket / streets of Britain. They will even bring their own afternoon tea and cricket sets. Howzat!

As pre match entertainment or on the streets the Umpires provide a humorous  visual photo opportunity for the spectators. They can  get members of the crowd dressed up in cricket gear and if they can encourage them to join in a cricket themed dance incorporating lots of umpire moves (leg bye etc). 

There is plenty of banter about their favourite cricket teas, they juggle cricket balls and always have fun with the crowd. They can also do an autograph hunting section helping the public to find famous cricketing look-a-likes and getting them to sign our bat. It is all about creating a fun atmosphere, tapping into the crowd’s cricketing psyche!


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Umpires Strike Back

by Bread and Butter Theatre Company

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Superb for Sporting Events

‘We all absolutely loved Bread and Butter!! (Cricket Umpires) They went above and beyond and were perfect!!’

— Sarah Churlish, Durham County Council