Two dashing, bearded, sea shanty-singing pirates, recruit new shipmates by wooing the crowds from aboard their barnacled covered ship.

They will entertain with their tall pirate tales and sea-shanty hits such as “What’s that coming over the hull…is it a mackerel?” and Amy Boathouse’s “They tried to make me sail to rehab but I said row, row, row!”

Comedy characters for your seaside, maritime or nautical events! 

Safe & Accessible

This act, along with every other act on our website, is expert in adapting to a variety of performance settings, including during the constrictions of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic.

The performances will be tailored to the event and location to ensure that all interactions are socially distanced without compromising the joy and spectacle.


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Pirates of Menspants

by Bread and Butter Theatre Company

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • Perfect for Parades