Vamos Theatre presents Cheapskate Catering Agency!
Welcome to Cheapskate Catering Agency, providing unrivalled waiting staff for your every event, party or festival.  Arriving in pairs our waiters and waitresses have completed an intensive ten minute training course, meaning you can rest assured that when it comes to politeness, discretion and efficiency, our team doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.

Whilst serving your drinks and canapés we guarantee silliness, clumsiness, inappropriate flirting, over-attentiveness, drunken and attention-seeking behaviour of all kinds, transforming your event into an occasion your guests will certainly never forget!
Looking for waiting staff? You’ve tried the best, now go Cheapskate! We’re proud to cut corners.

Available as a duo or more if you dare!

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Cheapskate Catering Agency

by Vamos Theatre

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  • Walkabouts

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  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals

Cheeky, surprising, hilarious and unstoppable, they get away with the unthinkable and bring out a different side in everyone!

— Marie Oldaker, Bromsgrove Festival