Mosaics are the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colour. The Romans used glass, stone, and other materials to create beautiful floor art; the Greeks created beautiful pebble mosaics; and even the early Christians had a go, creating mosaics on walls and ceilings!

Now, thanks to award winning and internationally acclaimed pavement artists Urban Canvas, you can have a go too!

Using specially made mosaic tile markers and an ancient colour palette replicating colours used by the Greek and Roman craftsmen, this is a new workshop for all the family creating beautiful floor mosaics; ideal for historical events, Roman festivals, museums and regeneration projects.


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Mosaic Floor Art

by Urban Canvas

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Historically Themed Act
  • Street Art

Urban Canvas made a particular impression.  They are such nice people, worked really well with the crowd and the piece that they created from our mosaics was so right for the event.

— Jo Askham, St Albans District Council