Beauty and enchantment surround the mermaid as she glides around you, sheltered safely in her Sea Sphere. Released from the sea only long enough to bring smiles to the faces lucky enough to look upon hers, this curious mermaid comes complete with dancing seaweed and other creatures of the deep…

With a musical soundtrack and interactive nautical sound effects, the mermaid flaps her tail and encourages her audience to interact with her.  She loves to watch faces as guests reach out and try to touch her hand, and encourages them to push the big red button on her globe, setting off a glittery spectacle and making the seaweed sway around her.
Children delight in playing in her bubbles and catching the ‘mermaid kisses’ she sends to her new little friends, sending their imaginations running wild.

At dusk or night time the sphere is internally illuminated which brings an extra dimension to an already magical act.


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Sea Sphere

by The Show Globe

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events
  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • Suitable for Science Festivals
  • Non Verbal Performance

So good! Beautiful and original!

— Jetske, Glastonbury Festival programmer.

We would definitely recommend working with The Show Globe. It was the first time we organised the event and it was evident that it was a huge success as footfall was most certainly up on Rose Street. It was so cute to see the kids running up and putting their hands up to touch the globe, they looked in awe of it!

— Louisa Andersen, Essential Edinburgh Central Business Improvement District.