Manic idiot violinist Sid Bowfin- unpredictable, unhinged, and unique. It’s the funniest and most ridiculous concert you'll ever see.

Our virtuoso combines madcap comedy with superb musicianship. Watch Sid and his audience compete, argue, ridicule and seduce their way through the most popular works from across centuries, turning classical performance on its head with Sid's hilarious spontaneous comedic antics.

Crowds will revel in his renditions of Mozart’s one-legged Rondo, Vivaldi’s secret agent Winter, Brahms's Hungarian dancers and Rossini’s choir of barbers. There’s even Sid’s legendary ‘requests section’. 

Enjoy classical comedy for the masses. It’s the Sid Bowfin Show!

If you want a completely live ensemble experience, consider The Bowfins. The trio can be as ridiculous as Sid Bowfin on his own, or as well behaved as you wish, with plenty of repertoire to appropriately entertain the most genteel gathering.


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The Sid Bowfin Show

by Sid Bowfin

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Such a pleasure to work with, lovely chap, and extremely talented performer.

— Lucy Bawden, Animating the Community event, London

‘We witnessed your wonderful performances at the Kendal Mintfest and wish to say a personal thank you for giving us so much pleasure. The interaction between you and the baby on Saturday will stay with us for ever - it was truly magical. You are a very talented musician and your expertise managing the audience was noted by many. We thought you were fantastic.’

— Audience Member, Kendal Mintfest