Manic idiot violinist Sid Bowfin- unpredictable and unique.

Sid's walkabout can be performed to any number of people from one upwards. He has a repertoire of over 200 pieces and can play standing, sitting, kneeling or walking around with a volume ranging from extremely quiet to full acoustic violin volume.

Sid also has a weather resistant violin so can cope with light rain and scorching sunshine.

The Sid Bowfin Show is also available.

Our virtuoso violinist combines madcap comedy with superb musicianship. Watch Sid and his audience compete, argue, ridicule and seduce their way through the most popular works from across centuries, turning classical performance on its head with Sid's hilarious spontaneous comedic antics.

Crowds will revel in his renditions of Mozart’s one-legged Rondo, Vivaldi’s secret agent Winter, Brahms's Hungarian dancers and Rossini’s choir of barbers. There’s even Sid’s legendary ‘requests section’. 

Classical comedy for everyone!



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Sid Bowfin

by Adrian Garratt

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Street Shows
  • Music

‘I can’t recommend Adrian too highly. Apart from the fact that his act is great – very funny, very high quality, tremendous audience rapport – if I could have bottled the atmosphere in St Peters Street yesterday and showed it to my local politicians we would have no trouble with funding. He is also one of those acts that helps to make an event run smoothly – happy to do links at the end of his act to direct the audience to the next thing, happy to shelter under the PA tent and continue in the rain. Just an ideal act that makes my job easy’

— Jo Askham, St Albans

He was amazing!! I think (Sid Bowfin) is just the most talented performer ever! Amazing, entertaining, adapted to situations seamlessly. Wonderful sound and all wished it had gone on longer. I want to have another event just to book him again.

— Samantha Hill