One week into lockdown Matt decided to use his skills as a performer and maker to put smiles on as many faces as possible during this crisis. 

Five weeks later the #HappyHeartBike was on the road.

The #HappyHeartBike is a cross between a giant marble run and a kinetic sculpture, hand crafted and built onto the back of a bike to create a mobile piece of street theatre.

Onlookers can marvel at the intriguing cycling sculpture and follow the balls as they take their journey around the bike. When conditions allow the rider often dismounts for an impromptu juggling skit as an extra little treat. People often don't need to leave their doorsteps as the #HappyHeartBike pedals by and delivers a little bit of joy to everyone who sees it.

Since its first outing hundreds of people have watched the #HappyHeartBike ride past their doorstep - providing light relief, inspiration and delivering positive energy.

Festivals and events may have temporarily been put on hold, but the streets can still come alive!


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Happy Heart Bike

by Matt Pang

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts