Often described as a ‘Comedy God’, Matt Barnard is a fantastic compère and street performer. Some performers are impossible to walk past and Matt is one of them. Choose from two wonderful shows.

From Class to Glass:
A comedy show in which the character changes from a skilful, sophisticated gentleman to a string vest-wearing yob sporting Union Jack shorts and complete with knotted handkerchief on his head. Beginning with artistic and cultural ball spinning skills and degenerating into comedy beer balancing, the show is best performed at large events or in streets with plenty of space as it is sure to attract a large crowd.

Dangerously Unbalanced:
A traditional juggling show with exciting juggling skills, hilarious comedy and a death defying finale. From the moment Matt Barnard steps onto the street people will be entranced by his warm infectious humour. A few people will stop, a joke will be shared, the laughter will spread and the crowd will grow. A lot of people can juggle but not so many can make it hypnotically entertaining.


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Matt Barnard

by Jones and Barnard

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All was brilliant thank you - Matt adapted to the weather and the surroundings great (as you knew they would of course!).

— Ben Bodsworth, BT Events, Luton

‘Consistently versatile and brilliant.’

— Orange Street Theatre Festival