This culinary themed show will have audiences spellbound, as Ian Marchant- clad in chef’s whites- performs feats with fruit, shows versatility with vegetables, launches legumes, chucks crockery, balances baguettes and displays plenty of daring deeds with dishes!

Using audience participation, comedy, skill and a menu of tricks, this show always cooks up a storm.

N.B. No fruit or vegetables are harmed during the performance (though some may be slightly bruised).


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Culinary Capers

by Ian Marchant

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows

Act Info

  • Fabulous for Food and Drink Festivals

Please do pass our thanks on to Ian Marchant for his Culinary Capers show at MyRaynes Park Festival. It really added to a wonderful day!

— Tom Underwood, MyRaynes Park Festival

'The Culinary Capers act was brilliant on Saturday, he was interacting with shoppers, grabbing everyone’s attention and creating a crowd. His act was very impressive and wowed the audience'

— Eldon Square Shopping Centre, Newcastle