Prepare to be amazed and entertained with 'Out of the Box,' a show that pushes the boundaries of traditional circus and takes audiences on a journey through a world of imagination and wonder.

In 'Out of the Box,' Darryl brings his unique style and vision to the stage, incorporating everything from traditional circus skills to modern technology to create a truly innovative and captivating performance. His juggling routines are both skillful and hilarious, and his comedic timing and physical comedy leave audiences in stitches.

But what truly sets 'Out of the Box' apart is Darryl's creativity and vision. With each act, he transports the audience to a different world, from a futuristic landscape to a carnival of the imagination. He creates a sense of childlike wonder and excitement that is infectious, and leaves audiences feeling inspired and uplifted.

Learn to Juggle in 30 Minutes

Darryl's workshop "The Juggling Coach" is available as an optional extra to his show.  This hands-on session allows participants to learn juggling skills and techniques from the master himself. The workshop is designed to teach anyone to juggle in 30 minutes and is perfect for all ages and skill levels.

Juggling is a wonderful tool to engage communities and break down societal boundaries, and this works beautifully as a prequel to the main show.


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Out of the Box

by Darryl J. Carrington

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows