Darryl J. Carrington

Darryl J Carrington is a Bristol-based performing artist and entertainer. He specialises in combining juggling, comedy, and physical theatre to create unforgettable experiences for audiences of all ages.

Darryl began his career in the performing arts over 15 years ago and has since become a renowned performer, having toured with numerous circus companies in the UK, including The Invisible Circus and No Fit State Circus. He also played John Grayson (trapeze artist) in the Batman Live World Arena Tour.

After a successful career in the circus world, Darryl hung up his leotard and returned to his juggling and comedy roots. He has since developed his own unique style of comedy and juggling routines, which have been showcased at festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Shambala, and Glastonbury Festival.

Darryl’s unique brand of entertainment is enhanced by his ADHD, which he incorporates into his performances to create a sense of spontaneity and unpredictability. When he's not performing, Darryl is an accomplished fine art painter and enjoys exploring his creativity through a variety of mediums.

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows