The Two Freedas is Cusan Theatre’s latest interactive walkabout/installation, featuring two extraordinary and colourful characters that will delight the audiences with their creative artistic skills.

These sumptuous and richly layered characters parade the streets and invite members of the public to sit for a quick portrait sketch in oil pastels and ink from one Freeda. Meanwhile, the other Freeda engages the public in conversation with the help of her beautiful puppets, the bird of paradise, the parrot and the monkey.  She tells magical stories and even sings the occasional song.

The Two Freedas is a celebration of creativity and the importance of it within our societies. A true spectacle of colour, exploring characters and places through storytelling and cultural heritage.


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The Two Freedas

by Cusan Theatre

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Workshops

Act Info

  • Internationally themed act