The Seedkeepers (Guardianas de Las Semillas) are inspired by the carnivalesque figures of South America and Spain named Mojigangas and Cabezones, and by the stories of the many women of the world trying to protect the world’s seeds in their natural form. By the women who braided seeds and grains into their hair to bring their food with them as a way of survival; seeds like rice, okra, peanuts, benne, watermelon, which were hidden and brought from their native homeland.

To create these characters Cusan Theatre have used natural, sustainable, products and recycled materials, the costumes are made from recycled cloth, plastic, and other natural materials, using a variety of textures and layers, from which a multitude of stories will unfold.

There are poems, words, and images hidden within the figures so they will not only be beautiful to look at from afar, but they are also designed for small, intimate, interactions with audiences of all ages. These gorgeous figures will awaken your imagination and make you believe in all things magical.


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The Seedkeepers

by Cusan Theatre

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry