The audience gathers behind a lobster net fence that surrounds the Whale. They interact with the eccentric marine biologist, Netty Northwest, who engages them with nautical repartee until the show begins.

An acrobatic diver leads the audience through the life and journeys of an ancient Leatherback Turtle and the threats and dangers it faces to survive. Circo Rum Ba Ba explores the tale of sea creatures and their battle to survive in an ocean full of rubbish. The audience helps save the turtle and the whale from a deluge of plastic, leaving them feeling empowered, that everyone can make a difference.

This is just the show to consider if you have a large flat area to animate and feel like having a 18m giant inflatable whale on site for the day. As the whale inflates there will be a sense of excitement in the air as people gather to find out what is happening, where it came from and why?

Over the course of the day the public will be invited to actually step inside the whale and watch some brilliantly animated performances.  Choose from:

The children’s show, The Pirate’s Misadventure, in which a noisy fish wife will reveal the decorated seascape inside and introduce the audience to a shipwrecked pirate with a treasure tale to tell and a real live mermaid with an intriguing secret.

Plastic Ocean The audience are greeted by a cheerful Navigator character who invites them to step inside the Whale and experience a beautiful, funny and interactive show which will highlight the impact plastic has on our environment through a series of fun learning and theatrical experiences.

The Whale is a perfect centrepiece for all seaside, nautical or maritime themed events, as well as environmental or climate themed entertainment. Ideal for families, suitable for children aged 3-10 years.


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The Whale

by Circo Rum Ba Ba

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • Excellent for Environmental Events

The whale stories are great fun!

— Young Audience member, Salisbury

‘The star of the show for us was Circo Rum Ba Ba The Whale. We had so many people every day queuing up for it, it definitely added to the whole event. Winnie and the team were so professional and really engaged with the audience, they remained in character the entire time and were so believable, every fine detail was covered and you could tell they put their all into every performance.’

— Alex Hirst, Distinct Darlington