Circo Rum Ba Ba

Circo Rum Ba Ba is a women’s circus theatre company which creates wonderfully bizarre, offbeat walkabout characters and images, designed specifically for festivals and events, from the subtle cameo to the grand parade.

Circo Rum Ba Ba started its creative life in 1999. It was the brain child of Marianne Grove, a British performer who ran away to the circus in Japan. There she gained a wealth of circus skills training with Imegi Circus - becoming the company's clown!

Marianne met Winnie Elliott, an actor who trained at Kent University and The Guildhall School of Drama, whilst performing a children's show 'The Flying Chestycoffs' in 2001. She invited Winnie to join Circo Rum Ba Ba and they have run the company together ever since.

As well as being an acrobat, stilt walker and ball balancer, Marianne also plays the Musical Saw. As well as being Welsh, Winnie Elliott also plays the Celtic Harp. Circo Rum Ba Ba prides itself on promoting female performers in circus and street theatre.

The company perform an eclectic mix of theatre, circus and music with elaborate costume and design to create images, street shows and off beat walkabout characters that are stunning to encounter and comically interactive

Ensure you explore their Stilts and Christmas pages too. 



Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Walkabouts
  • Installations
  • Illuminated
  • Christmas
  • Music
  • Puppetry

I maintain my mantra, Circo Rum Ba Ba are the BEST – the highest quality of art, brilliant audience engagement and just a group of brilliant and lovely creative people.

— Karen Jeremiah, Freshly Greated