'Captain Carbuncle', 'The Very Sweet Fanny Adams' and 'Colonel Cognac' have set sail aboard the Three Funnels and are seeking new adventures.

Commissioned by Liverpool City Council to celebrate the arrival of the '3 Queens' and inspired by the famous funnels of the Cunard ships, this walk about show will bring a smile to the faces of all who cross their bows.

The playful Funnels are characters in their own right and stand out in a crowd whether they are standing still, dancing, tooting their horns or playing follow the leader they are guaranteed to draw attention and surprise people. When the time is right Carbuncle, Adams and Cognac pop up from inside to interact with the crowds, this comical Victorian trio then invite audiences to join in with their games, fun and frivolity.

The funnels provide a modern twist on the glamour of a bygone era and promise to bring a jovial nautical flavour to any event, whether it be land locked or coastal.

Ideal for river festivals and maritime or nautical events, Victorian fairs and markets, parks and open spaces


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Meet the Funnels

by Artemis

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Historically Themed Act
  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • travel

The Funnels were an absolute joy to watch! Artemis created the piece to coincide with the 3Queens event and they went down a storm. The audience loved them! The Funnels are engaging, fun, mischievous, intriguing, hilarious all at the same time. The Funnels themselves stop people in their tracks and when the characters emerge the audience are completely entranced! Great costumes, great act, great improvisation! They were a huge hit and worked brilliantly at River Festival too. A unique and ingenious show! Artemis as always an absolute pleasure to work with.

— Sarah Vasey, Culture Liverpool

Even when the rain came down they continued to give an outstanding performance, they were exceptional!

— Pauline Merritt, Witham Town Council