Harbingers of long summer days, our swallows paint the skies with colour, movement and the sweet sound of birdsong.

A Sweep of Swallows is a set of beautiful silk kite walkabout puppets, which can be performed singly, in pairs or ideally as a trio. Catching the wind, they create a beautiful aerial picture, bringing joy to events and height and colour to parades.


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A Sweep of Swallows

by A Bird In The Hand Theatre

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events
  • Perfect for Parades

Alison and Frances were lovely and really professional. We were delighted with the Swallows and they certainly grabbed attention!

— Stephanie Cherrett, Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter

Oh they were gorgeous! We had the perfect weather with just a little bit of wind so they really soared, it was amazing!

— Rachael Higham, Macclesfield Town Council