The Rainbow Stilt Walkers are a colourful upbeat roaming stilt walkers. They are a fabulous addition to a parade, carnival, or street event. 

With their bright outfits and sunny personalities, these stilt walkers are guaranteed to make everybody smile. They will engage audiences and passers-by with their delightfully cheery conversation that fills young and old with joy and enthusiasm

They can enhance any event by using their striking colours to match a chosen theme (including Valentine) or simply to lead or lighten up a procession.





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Rainbow Stilt Walkers

by Upper Level

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilt Walkers

The Rainbow stilt walkers were fabulous! And added such a wow to the ‘Welcome’ to the event. Conscious that the extreme temperatures and lycra costumes were a challenging combo however both performers were so professional, accommodating and smiley throughout. I hope we can work together on future events.

— Lisa Haskins, Yorkshire Sculpture Park