Plain Bob is an innocent and gentle show with no words, an interactive audience adventure under Bob’s umbrella world. As the audience watches, the stage is created from suitcases, an umbrella, and a rain coat. Audience members are invited to the stage to help Bob with his simple tasks. The show is accompanied by original music and sound effects that are triggered discretely by a second performer who also at times magically controls Bob via radio control. The show has been described as beautiful and poetic. The finale of the show is a mini rain shower underneath the umbrella.

Plain Bob is a self-contained, static street show with minimal set-up which can be performed almost anywhere.


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Plain Bob

by Noisy Oyster

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Non Verbal Performance

Plain Bob was a delightful show, tailored both for kids and adults! Enchanting!

— Oltia Cintec, theatre critic, Iasi, Romania.

If you like to get a real spirit of British charm, invite Plain Bob for your festival

— Cordula Nossek, Mistelbach festival, Austria.