The Astro Groovers are intergalactic travellers that know how to throw a party!


They are on a mission to discover the galaxy’s hidden dance floors, never danced upon by human kind. With their infectious energy and special space disco dance routine they train up eager recruits to help them in a quest to discover the greatest party of all time! You’re Out of This World is a pop-up interactive show that celebrates self-expression through dance. They attract intergenerational audiences and can light up high streets or form the centrepiece of an event.


Also available as a walkabout when the Astro Groovers become the disco on the move, complete with boom boxes and mirror ball helmets. They stage dance skits, slow mo races, and space congas, with passers-by. Interactive routines have been designed to support audiences with access needs and performers are experienced facilitators. Limited set and tech requirements enables the performance to be environmentally sustainable, flat-packable, and flexible. 


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You're Out of this World


Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Music