A family-friendly comedy juggling show that will leave the audience in awe! 

John has exceptionally high level juggling skills and a delightful warm comedy that will captivate the audience from the word go. Children eagerly step in  to assist when things don’t go quite as planned, volunteering to break the world record for ball spinning and everybody is stunned when they witness the incredible juggling of 7 balls at once. A rare stunt indeed.

The set-up is simple with minimal props, one small chair and a table. Using a rope to define the performance area John can transform any space into an outdoor theatre spectacular. Whether working in a huge city square or a narrow side street, John draws a crowd and soon the air is full of the sound of laughter, clapping and gasps of amazement


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Johnny Urban in “The gravity of the situation”

by John Teasdale

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows