Encountering a giant sloth is a surreal and magical experience that you will want to record, share and remember forever...

They are like real sloths, only naughtier and big enough to engulf your entire family in a slow hug. They’ve learned how to steal your hat, do a fist bump, mess up your hair, sneak a cheeky beard stroke and even try their humungous claws at matchmaking (since they can fit your entire head in one hand). It’s hardly surprising they induce euphoric tears in people of all ages.

Baby Dribble is adorable and loves to play with little ones, hanging onto our sloth handler, he will chew on your fingers and snuggle into anything soft you might be wearing. He tries to eat everything so watch out!

Our handler explains the bizarre sloth habits and will answer any questions you might want to know about her amazing companion(s), making Sloth Time a great conversational and conservational attraction. 

The Sloths can perform as one sloth and the handler (who carries the baby sloth) or two fully grown sloths accompanied by the handler.




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Sloth Time

by Giddy Kipper

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events

They were amazing - really friendly and hard-working, and also up for an unusual final set on Sunday where we got to see a sloth conga!!

— Kate Lanciault, Cirque Bijou

The sloths were absolutely remarkable..... enormously talented! I have received a number of wonderful comments too!... It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and hugely successful!

— Jane Bielby, East Riding Council