Felicity Footloose Show

The Felicity Footloose show is devised and performed by Natasha McGhie.
Natasha was born in London and started to learn to juggle at the tender age of 10 using oranges from her mother’s fruit bowl.
She left school at 16 for her first professional job as a juggler at Legoland. From then on she has been lucky enough to perform in a variety of different venues and shows – from circus (Big Fun, No Fit State and Bassline Circus), cabaret (Shambala, Lapland), improvised theatre (Gonzo Moose), festivals (Glastonbury, Woodford, Linz) and much much more. Recently, after learning woodwork and being inspired by her actress grandmother, she built a trailer stage and founded Fit Up Productions a fabulous pop up touring circus company.
In 2008 Natasha went to Australia and created her solo street show ‘The Felicity Footloose Show’ with which she has delighted audiences all over the world ever since!

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows