“It’s a funny old game”

Welcome to the world’s only mobile football stadium, complete with referee and commentator. One a side  football just got serious!

As the pitch moves around the streets the stadium sound system plays all your favourite football tunes while the referee encourages the public to get involved.

Meanwhile the commentator keeps everyone entertained with his constant stream of opinions, statistics and ‘deep’ thoughts about the unfolding mini football cup final.

With  two top volunteers from the crowd both giving 110% in literally a game of one half……the winner leaves with a gleaming gold trophy and the title of “The Special One”

The mobile stadium is pristine, the referee is inscrutable and the  commentator is permanently confused…. it's just like the real thing! The perfect walkabout to get fans and families mixing and having fun .

The Pitch is highly mobile and can fold to get through narrow passageways.

Tennis and Rugby versions available 



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Football Crazy

by Fairly Famous Family

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Superb for Sporting Events