Dizzy O'Dare

Dizzy O’Dare is a contemporary circus and outdoor theatre company. Since 2009 they have produced a wide range of work, which has toured extensively and delighted audiences across the globe, gaining reputation as an intelligent, driven, imaginative and playful company who create high-quality work, able to engage all audiences.

Dizzy O'Dare have always looked to classic literature and aural tradition as a starting point, including HG Wells and Jules Verne. The inventiveness of both writers and the period in which they wrote presents a beautiful and theatrical aesthetic which DOD are drawn to. Combining this aesthetic, the use of literature, and magical and bizarre characters, with clowning and improvisation, Dizzy O'Dare have developed a strong artistic identity.

Artistic Directors Alana Jones and Michael Imerson have worked with many great companies and organisations such as Company FZ, Cirque Bijou, Periplum, Balloonatics, Wizard Presents. They have both appeared in numerous TV shows from the latest adaption of Vanity Fair to Vera and Dizzy O’Dare featured on George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces. The pair decided to combine their skills in circus, theatre and music in 2009 to form Dizzy O’Dare, they now live and create their work on their 100ft Thames Lighter on the River Medway.


Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Christmas
  • Street Shows