With excessive enthusiasm and a slippery grip on reality, the Lollipop Patrol is here to help and hinder in equal measure.  These two are full of self-importance and will take any opportunity to escort an unsuspecting passer by or bring things to a standstill in order to form a safe walkway.

They are the 64th emergency service holding up the luminous hand of the law. Experience their traffic-trauma, delight in their neon neurosis, and cross them at your peril!

Also available as a Christmas version 


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Lollipop Patrol

by Curious Cargo

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

‘And watch out for those officious lollipop ladies who seem intent on helping people get to places they just don't want to go’

— The Guardian

‘The Lollipop Ladies went down an absolute treat at the Feel Good Festival. It was a delight to see you encourage such a wide variety of people to play and laugh – this is exactly what we wanted to achieve! Your antics really brightened up the day and gave unsuspecting passers-by full permission to be silly’

— Kelly Allen, Rochdale Council