Circo Rum Ba Ba go nautical! 

The Valkyrie Vikings are warriors in a dragon-head longboat. Armed to the blackened teeth with brazen breast-plates and pert blonde plaits, they have charted history’s waters and come to pillage your festival. 

Vikings can be booked as a duo or trio and feature raucous comedy from the ladies aboard.

Seafaring characters for your seaside, maritime or nautical events! 

Safe & Accessible

This act, along with every other act on our website, is expert in adapting to a variety of performance settings, including during the constrictions of the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic.

The performances will be tailored to the event and location to ensure that all interactions are socially distanced without compromising the joy and spectacle.


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Valkyrie Vikings

by Circo Rum Ba Ba Stilts

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Stilts

Act Info

  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • Perfect for Parades

‘When I book you I know you will turn up and do a brilliant job. Your costumes and acts are of the highest quality and you are a joy to work with.’

— Play Festival Events Officer, London Borough of Barnet

‘I thought the Vikings were fantastic last year’

— Claire Whittington, Cowes Week Entertainment