Meet Belladonna, the beautiful but deadly gardener, as she tries to catch a tasty morsel for her hungry Venus Flytraps.

Is your hand steady enough that you dare to feed the Flytrap Puppets yourself? Or will you help Aristotle the batty bluebottle to escape from their deadly clutches? Watch out that you don’t get sucked in by her charm too, as she entices the foolish fly towards his sweet, toothy decline.

Also available as:

Belladonna the Witch

Here comes Belladonna the Witch in her lean green Venus Flytrap machine with her pet fly Aristotle the batty Bluebottle. You can meet his cute baby maggots and try on “fly-vision” glasses or are you brave enough to feed the fiendish flytraps yourself?!

Deadly Nightshade Halloween Show

Belladonna the Witch accompanied by her pet fly Aristotle the Bluebottle perform a series of spooktacular tricks that are sure to bring some fun and magic your way this Halloween. Help to wake up the Lazy Ghost and marvel at the Diabolos of Doom before watching the most dangerous trick of them all: “The Giant Finger Chopper”.


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Belladonna and her Venus Flytraps

by Bell and Bullock

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Street Shows
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events
  • Great for Garden Themed Events
  • Halloween Themed Act
  • Perfect for Puppetry Festivals

‘Belladonna… was a fantastically colourful walkabout pitched perfectly for all ages. I had lots of good feedback and you worked relentlessly throughout terrible weather!’

— Catherine Maxwell Stuart, Traquair Fair

‘I was extremely impressed with Bell & Bullock. The ‘Belladonna and her Venus Flytraps’ show was fantastic and very well organised. They worked really well with our visitors both children and adults – their costumes and props were brilliant and very professional. They worked above and beyond what was expected. I would not hesitate to book them again.’

— Victoria Appleby, RHS Garden Harlow Carr