Have you ever wanted to learn how to bend a balloon and make it into something wonderful? Well the Balloonatic team can do exactly that, and will show you all the tips and tricks.

As some of the best balloon artists in the business, this drop-in workshop is the perfect event activity, where you can pop in and walk away with your very own creation.

Balloonatic workshops take groups of up to 10 people at a time and demonstrate how to make a simple balloon sculpture, usually a hat, sword or a flower. This is a great way to get a lot of people covered in balloons very quickly!

The workshop is led by an engaging, enigmatic Balloonatic, whilst another lovely Balloonatic will be on hand to help those having any difficulty.

Balloonatic also offer tailor made one hour workshops for groups of people, learning various balloon contortions and designing crazy hats! Guaranteed to bring everyone together in balloon mayhem and a group photo with everyone laughing!



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Balloonatic Workshops

by Balloonatic

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...children were around the balloon ladies like bees around a honey pot.

— Tracey Meadows, One Nottingham