Artizani is a dedicated, full time professional street arts organization established in 1989 by Artistic Director James Macpherson and based in the High Peak region of North West England. The company specializes in creating intimately detailed street arts performances with high production values and a surreal twist.

They now have up to fifteen shows and walkabouts in repertoire ranging from giant lobsters to slack-rope walking versions of Singing in the Rain, from stilt cricketers to punts gliding down city streets.

James lives on a farm in the shadow of Kinder Scout - site of the mass trespass that led to the setting up of the National Parks. When not out and about on tour he is usually to be found in his barn (one step up from a shed) constructing weird and wonderful stuff or cogitating on the meaning of life as he gazes slack-jawed at the hills.

James teaches anything from Aristophanes to Post-Modernism and is currently writing up his MA. He might even do a PhD next year as he has been told that doctors get upgrades on Easyjet!

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows
  • Illuminated
  • Walkabouts
  • Installations
  • Stilt Walkers