Santa's Airforce is a festive, pedal-powered flying machine, set with its own soundtrack, and accompanied by two elves.

Santa is outsourcing his urgent parcel collection, relocation and next day dispatch service to the Elf pilots, to ensure he gets all his goods in the right locations, ready to be delivered on 'The Big Day'.  Although the pilots are very well-meaning they are a little new to this high-tech flying malarkey and need a little sprinkling or fairy dust and a lot of imagination to keep that old flying machine going. 

This is a family-friendly, interactive performance which connects with the audience creating magical reactions. It is a highly visual experience, with expressive physical street theatre and comedy moments.


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Santa's Air-Force

by Apus Productions

Performance Styles

  • Illuminated
  • Christmas

Act Info

  • Perfect for Parades
  • Historically Themed Act