Hoops, hoops and more hoops! 

Join Angie Mack on her hula hoop journey through the ages and across the globe, taking you from the giant 6ft hoop, all the way through to the multi-hooping human tower.

Angie moves effortlessly across the performance space spinning and manipulating hoops at will before bringing the whole thing to a stunning finale.

This hooptastic interactive comedy street show is jam-packed with highly skilled hula hoop tricks, iconic music and a whole lot of heart.

Costumes and music can always be themed to suit any type of event or festival. Including a Hulaween show for Halloween events and Nautical for seaside themes, sports, circus, Australian, travel. 

Each 30 min show can be performed up to three times at your event or can be programmed alongside either a walkabout and/or workshop option providing three Hula Hooping variations at any one event!  Please ask us for more details. 


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Angie Mack Hula Hoop Street Show

by Angie Mack

Performance Styles

  • Street Shows

Your show was amazing / you were amazing. Thanks for setting the tone for a lovely day.

— Audience Member (and willing volunteer)

‘Making something incredibly difficult look incredibly easy.’

— Shep Huntly, Glastonbury Festival