Inspired by the great works of Jackson Pollock, this is remote-controlled chaos and self-expression on a massive scale!

Crowds will gather to experience art unlike any other, and participate in creating an outdoor gallery of modern art.

With the help of a remote-controlled car to mix it up a little, audiences can’t help but chip in and pick up the paint pot.


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Urban Action Painting

by Urban Canvas

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Street Art

'Urban Canvas are old favourites of mine - and I book them again and again because not only are they great with kids and help families to create quality items they can take away with them . - but also, for two sets of people who run workshops, they are totally undemanding. They turn up on time with all of their equipment, they set up wherever they are asked to and they just get on with the job.....these guys are problem solvers, and I never have to worry about them at all. They are pleasure to look after and have at events.'

— Mhairi Smith, Marketing Gloucester Limited

'We were really lucky to get this prestigious and talented company. Thank you for producing the stunning huge artworks for our People’s Park.'

— Rosalind Lowry, Ballymena Borough Council