Using a 500 year old chalking technique, and introducing poster paints, artist’s pastels and pavement chalks, this installation creates massive works of art that know no boundaries.

With an exceptional and endless repertoire, Italian Chalking Art can be tailored to any theme for any event, and is a unique opportunity to involve people in their tens, hundreds or even thousands.  Everybody gets the chance to take part in creating this piece, even those just passing by won’t be able to resist stopping to help for a moment, or popping back to see how things are going.

The end result is a beautiful piece of art that everyone feels a part of, and is always the talk of the town.


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Italian Chalking Art

by Urban Canvas

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Street Art

A delight as always

— Faye Perkins, Arts Officer for Test Valley Borough Council

‘Such lovely people and their workshop was a massive hit. The kids were amazed that they were allowed to draw and paint on the ground – they kept looking over their shoulders for the police or a resident coming to shout at them!’

— Town Centre Manager