Scott Walker makes streetwise artworks that are an invitation to play.

His unique hand drawn graphics take inspiration from years of cartoon illustration and urban culture, they are big and bold and loads of fun.

But, this is not ‘mere colouring in’ - its a bold expedition, a colourscape of many contributions and just the thing for persons of all ages to take colouring to another level.

With his amazing paint pens, Scott draws on considerable experience to work with participants throughout the day, strengthening the design and encouraging positive colouring experimentation. The pens are water based and non toxic yet they are the brightest and boldest pens most people would have ever used.

Witness a participatory artwork on a wonderful scale, this ever popular event has huge creative potential and the resulting community artwork (which is yours to keep) is a vibrant people powered joy – as well as an attention grabbing photo opportunity. 

Popular Themes in his cartoon style: Pirates, Mermaids & Seaside, Dinosaurs and Environment as well as seasonal: Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.

Special Events - Scott is always happy to create a bespoke canvas for a specific event such as a sporting events, Literacy landmark celebrations, historical etc.

Artwork requires a suitable surface; a wall, a window, a floor, some tables… where there’s a will there’s a way, usual size is 2m by 5m.


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Up Against the Wall

by Scott Walker

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Street Art

‘Just to let you know Scott went down a storm here, and will be booking him again for next year’

— Charlotte Jarrett, Eastgate Mall, Gloucester

Scott Walker was brilliant. Very relaxed and friendly. I was delighted with his nautical themed doodles and again it was a perfect activity for the day. I liked the fact people could just come up and be creative as and when they wanted so it was great to have him there.

— Kate Charnock, Bridgewater Officer (Learning) Salford City Council