The Pentagon is a stunning freestanding installation, swathed in attention-grabbing, hand-drawn designs that are just begging for some colour

Children and adults alike are drawn to this exciting artistic adventure, its creative scope is bounded only in the imagination of passers-by - who can't resist joining in.

Superb quality, user-friendly paint pens are a key ingredient, people are the other... It's a chain reaction, it’s an innovative snowballing of experimentation. The result is a huge 5 metre long, eye-catching piece of community artwork that is an irresistible photo opportunity. 

Scott’s designs never fail to please, his talents as an illustrator and cartoonist help bring out the artist in everyone as he draws on considerable experience to work with participants throughout the day, strengthening the design and encouraging positive colouring experimentation.

Scott’s creations can be tailored to your unique needs, they can include event branding and incorporate themes of your event into the design. 

A bespoke theme, hand-drawn onto specialist fine primed canvas, will stand out in all the right ways. Whether its food, the seaside, dinosaurs – dinosaurs eating food at the seaside... They make the perfect centrepiece for celebrations like Christmas, St George's Celebrations, Halloween or can be stylishly tailored toward landmark celebrations or sporting events.

Pentagon is a free standing 5 sided plywood structure wrapped in 5 metres long x 2 metres of fine primed canvas.



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by Scott Walker

Performance Styles

  • Workshops
  • Installations

Act Info

  • Can be Tailored to any Theme
  • Street Art

I just wanted to let you know that Scott’s event has been a huge success. The clients were delighted and the customers all had a great time. Scott is such a lovely guy, so easy to work with. I really hope we get to book him again soon.

— Mercedes Crescenti, Beautiful Productions

It was fantastic seeing people of all ages and backgrounds having fun and engaging with each other

— Derek Millar, Centre Director, Pyramids Shopping Centre, Birkenhead