Wilhelmina (Also known as Will) Dawdle, is obsessed with sloths and wants you to meet her best friends: Hibiscus and Gladys, giant three-toed pygmy sloths and Dribble, a baby two-toed sloth, all from South America. 

Wilhelmina is full of sloth facts, join us to learn how long a sloth really sleeps for, which sloth species are endangered, how often do sloths use the facilities and why does algae grow on their fur? If you have a question of your own, Wilhelmina will try her best to answer it.

These friendly dazzling creatures are available as a Duo (Hibiscus Sloth and Wilhelmina with the baby sloth) or as the Trio (Wilhemnia, Hibiscus and Gladys)

All present the perfect photo opportunity and an interactive and informative walkabout.    



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Sloth Time

by Giddy Kipper

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Puppetry

Act Info

  • Excellent for Environmental Events

They were amazing - really friendly and hard-working, and also up for an unusual final set on Sunday where we got to see a sloth conga!!

— Kate Lanciault, Cirque Bijou

The sloths were absolutely remarkable..... enormously talented! I have received a number of wonderful comments too!... It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening and hugely successful!

— Jane Bielby, East Riding Council