by Artizani

Two Oxbridge undergrads descend from their ivory towers and are off for a relaxing punt. Blissfully unaware of reality and physics the boat drifts down busy streets as they regale and serenade the public.

Over the years one of Artizani’s most popular shows; a unique and quintessentially English walkabout that oozes charm and is playfully surreal.

This promenade performance is based on an adapted electric vehicle which can cover quite a large area if required – it works both as a charming image glimpsed from a distance and as character based comic interaction at closer range. 

The punt also works as the Shakespeare characters, reading sonnets in Venice or as the  “Ferry over the river Styx” – for Halloween or any ghoulish event - dressed with cobwebs and creepy crawlies, with Death standing in the stern and his faithful servant at the helm, the boat drifts along on its way to the underworld.


Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts

Act Info

  • Marvellous for Maritime Events
  • Perfect for Parades