These magical giant birds with their stunning fanned tails are illuminated for your winter wonderland spectacular, as a living example of the ‘Two Calling Birds’ from the Twelve Days of Christmas song. The lighting effects change colours according to the Birds’ mood and can display a stunning rainbow effect.

Accompanied by the snow queen or an arctic explorer character they entertain and inspire audiences with their size and movement. This is a perfect family friendly walkabout as audience interaction is encouraged allowing an up-close experience by stroking them under their chins and chatting to the Snow Queen or Arctic explorer.


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Winter Wonderland Birds

by Apus Productions

Performance Styles

  • Illuminated
  • Christmas

Act Info

  • Perfect for Parades

The birds were a massive hit and the company was lovely.

— Racheal Brasier, Stratford Original

My young son and daughter were mesmerised by the Winter Wonderland Birds in Cardiff ...

— Audience member via Facebook