Hula Hoop Walkabout

Always colourfully costumed and bright and bubbly, Angie comes armed with a large stack of hoops and some funky tunes.  She will wow everyone with her impromptu hula hooping displays around your event before getting a few helpers up to show just how much fun it is. This is an interactive walkabout that encourages people who never thought it was possible to join in and get up and hooping. It finishes off with a fantastic 15 hula hoop stack finale.

Costumes and music can always be themed to suit any type of event or festival. Themes include, Seaside, Nautical, Olympics, Halloween (Hulaween!!) 

Hoop Skills Workshop

Everything you ever wanted and never needed to know about hula hooping. 

This is a fun and creative way to increase your core strength, flexibility and spatial awareness. The irresistible Angie will have you hooping in no time.

Hula hooping crosses the generations, kids, mums, dads, grandparents, with the right hoops and a little encouragement anyone can look good in a hoop. Individuals or groups, intensive or open workshops, all ages, this one’s for everyone!

The most fun and creative way to exercise that we know of. It’s an aerobic workout for the whole body increasing core strength, flexibility and body and spatial awareness.

If you’ve tried hooping with a child’s hoop before don’t be dismayed, once you’ve got a professional hoop around your hips Angie guarantees to get everyone hooping!


Combine the walkabout and workshop options to provide a memorable, fun and positive impact at your event.


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Angie Mack Hula Hoop Walkabouts and Workshops

by Angie Mack

Performance Styles

  • Walkabouts
  • Workshops

Angie was great and we were very impressed. Thank you once again for providing a great act.

— Kristina Willoughby, Boston Borough Council

‘I’ve never seen anyone bring a party alive like Angie! She managed to get everyone of all ages hooping together, beautiful to see.’

— Julie Staddon, Event Manager